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Board Room

Workshop for Town and Village Leaders!

The 2015 Fall Town & Village Workshop is an outstanding opportunity for town and village board members, clerks, and treasurers to learn about the latest rules and responsibilities for their offices!

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Tis the season for canning, freezing and dehydrating.

Tis the season for canning, freezing and dehydrating. If you are interested in any of the above you may want to know our office has updated and upgraded to digital all our Food Preservation Guides and Fact Sheets. Here is our most current list: USDA Principals of Home Canning Pressure Canner Use & Care Using Boiling Water […]

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Swine Squeaky Clean Biosecurity Plan

Our world and society has become a global entity, where people and animals move about often.  With the ability to move animals the potential risk of moving animal disease increases.  Currently the United States and other countries are dealing with a rather pesky swine virus, which has caused concern of how viruses spread.  Swine Biosecurity […]