Red Barn, Agriculture in Portage CountyAg News & Events:

  • 2017 Organic Field Day
    Learn about adding "organic" to large-scale farms! Wallendal Farms will be hosting a field day on Thursday, August 24 from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM to educate about organic transition, conservation tillage, innovative crop rotations, and much more!
  • 2017 Manure Expo
    If you are interested in the latest equipment and technology for professional manure management, plan to attend the 2017 North American Manure Expo on August 22 and 23, 2017. Wisconsin hosts the Expo this year and it will be held at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arlington Agricultural Research Station.
  • Soil Testing
    Portage County UW-Extension is offering soil testing for lawns, gardens, and fields.
  • Manure Safety Warning
    The weekend of October 22-23, facilities in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin lost feeder steers in incidents related to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) during pump-out. At this time we are not able to explain why there has been an uptick in incidents.
  • Portage County Plat Books Available at UWEX
    The 2014 Portage County Plat Book is the most current edition available.  Plat books are a convenient reference for local governments, private realty, surveying companies, and the general public.  They also help support our Portage County 4-H programs.


Portage County Agriculture Information

Portage County Agriculture: Value & Economic Impact Brochure (PDF, 295 KB)


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