Heating Your Home with Wood

Heating your home with firewoodDuring the chill of a Wisconsin winter, there are few things more satisfying than a warm fire. Heating your home with wood can be less expensive than other sources of home heating energy, and firewood is a renewable resource. Prices of heating fuels vary considerably, but non-renewable fossil fuels and electricity are commonly 2 to more than 10 times more expensive than firewood for the same amount of heat. See all wood heating topics >>>

Success heating with wood depends on one thing, selecting the right wood. But there are a few other things to know before you start. What’s a cord of wood? Where do I get wood? And what kind of wood should I choose? Read more on firewood basics >>>

While heating with wood can be pleasant and cost effective, it has a reputation for being “dirty” and producing a lot of air pollution. Old equipment and careless users can combine to produce nasty conditions, and the health concerns associated with excessive exposure to wood smoke are real. However, a conscientious firewood user can safely enjoy the benefits of heating with wood. Small hot fires built from well-seasoned split, clean, and dry firewood produce minimal smoke if any. Additionally, modern equipment is significantly cleaner. Modern air-tight high-efficiency wood stoves produce roughly half the smoke of stoves built as few as 10 years ago. Combine a modern stove with a conscientious firewood user, and you can produce heat that is significantly cleaner than many common heating options including coal and electricity. Read more on firewood burning and health effects >>>

From the Central Wisconsin River Basin Education Website, basineducation.uwex.edu/centralwis