Japanese Beetles are Back

Japanese beetles have arrived in Portage County. These are creatures no one ever wants to see in their yard.  Japanese Beetles devour established landscape plants in a day.  There are few things more devastating to your landscape, as they will eat over 300 species of plants.

Japanese Beetles eat the leaf material between the veins, giving it a “skeletonized” look.

Last year’s large numbers were shocking to even those familiar with this nasty little pest. UW-Extension was inundated with calls, as were the village offices of Plover and Whiting.  It is not yet known how large the population will be this year.

The first line of defense is hand-picking them and putting them in a bucket of hot, soapy water.

Traps?  Think twice before using a pheromone trap. The pheromone is very powerful and will call in beetles from the surrounding area. Research has demonstrated that more beetles are attracted to the traps than are caught, resulting in more beetles doing damage to your plants.

Click here to view or download information on the Japanese Beetle.