National 4-H Week

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October 1st - 7th, 2017


Ryan Nelson




It’s National 4-H Week! We would like to encourage every 4-H member, family, and club to get involved in promoting your 4-H program! What better people to promote a program than those who benefit from it? Here are just a few ideas for promoting 4-H

  • Contact a local radio station to air public service announcements on 4-H. Youth can write the announcements and then present them!
  • Set up a 4-H display or posters in area businesses, schools, or public places during the week or month.
  • Host a special event and invite the public to show them what 4-H is all about! Publicize your event with posters, radio ads, newspaper ads, and/or personal invitations!
  • Have everyone in your club wear their 4-H club t-shirts to school on a specific day!

Each club that sets up a 4-H promotional display for up to a week or more than two hours anytime during the 4-H year will receive $20.00 from the Portage County 4-H Leaders Association! To receive the $20.00, submit a photograph of your display with the following information:

  • When and where the display was set up
  • How long the display was set up
  • Whether or not someone manned the display

Contact the Extension Office for eye-catching brochures and bookmarks that can be used for any 4-H promotional event!

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